Grows Grass Anywhere Guaranteed*

Revolutionary seeding mix that combines all you need to successfully patch and repair your lawn, guaranteed!

  • Scotts® BEST Grass Seed
  • Super Absorbent Mulch that holds 6x its weight in water to keep your seed from drying out and dying out
  • New Formula that helps keep seed in place on slopes and hills!
*Subject to proper care


  • Grass Seed

    Scotts best high performance grass seed.

  • Mulch

    Absorbs 6X its weight in water and expands to surround the seed in a moist, protective layer.

  • Fertilizer

    Exclusive, controlled release technology feeds seedlings to jump start growth.

  • Tackifier

    Helps keep seed from washing away.

Using Scotts® Ez Seed® is simple.


The all-in-one patch & repair product that is guaranteed**
to grow grass in the most challenging areas of your yard.

  • Grows in
    Full Sun

  • Grows in
    Dense Shade

  • Grows in High Traffic Areas

  • Grows on

**Subject to proper care. Will vary by variety, read product label for specifics.


3 simple steps.


Prepare the area you want to grow grass by removing dead grass and loosening hard soil to help tiny seedlings root.


Evenly apply EZ Seed® so the area is mostly covered, but bare ground is still visible so that seed contacts the soil. The mulch will expand 4X upon watering to help cover the seed and keep it moist. (Use half as much for thin areas). Only apply the recommended amount so that seedlings have enough space to access water and nutrients. The seed germinates best when daytime temperatures are between 60º and 80ºF.


A deep and thorough initial watering is the key to success. Gently water the area until EZ Seed® is completely saturated and no more water is being absorbed (this may take several minutes). Avoid pooling water. When EZ Seed® begins to turn light brown, it's time to water again. Keep kids, pets, and lawn mowers off newly planted seedlings until the grass is 3 inches high.

Additional Products

  • EZ Seed® Dog Spot Repair

    Revolutionary seeding mix contains a special salt neutralizing ingredient to help repair those areas in your lawn damaged by pet urine.

  • EZ Seed® Patch Lawn Repair

    A Mulch & Fertilizer combination product that Helps Repair 60% Faster*.
    *Results 15 days after application vs untreated control. Results may vary.