Grows Grass Anywhere Guaranteed*

Revolutionary seeding mix that combines all you need to successfully patch and repair your lawn, guaranteed!
*Subject to proper care

Results After 21 Days

Ez Seed compared to seed grown without mulch and fertilizer 21 days after planting. Both products received an initial watering of .5" at planting and .25" daily thereafter. Results may vary.

  • Scotts® BEST Grass Seed
  • Super Absorbent Mulch that holds 6x its weight in water
  • Formula that helps keep seed in place on slopes and hills!

Using Scotts®
Ez Seed® is simple.

Additional Products

EZ Seed Patch & Repair Centipedegrass

EZ SEED® Patch & Repair

Made especially for tough Southern conditions and can grow even in scorching heat and acidic soil.

EZ Patch For St. Augustinegrass

for St. Augustinegrass

A Mulch & Fertilizer combination product that Helps Repair 60% Faster.*
*Results 15 days after application vs untreated control. Results may vary.

EZ Seed Dog Spot Repair

Dog Spot Repair

Revolutionary seeding mix contains a special salt neutralizing ingredient to help repair those areas in your lawn damaged by pet urine.