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    Grow More in Less Space with Cluster Gardening

    Big Harvests from a Small Space

    cluster garden

    Space-saving vegetable gardening is all the rage, and cluster gardening is a great way to maximize your harvest no matter what size your garden is. With this method, instead of planting your garden in single rows, you plant in wide rows or small patches, filling the entire space with seeds or transplants. This method is ideal if you have an urban garden or just a small space to grow your veggies.

    Advantages of Cluster Gardening

    When vegetables are grown close together, weed seeds don't have enough light to germinate, so weeding is reduced to almost nothing. Weeds simply cannot compete with the vegetables. Also, you won't compact the soil by stepping on it, because you can reach in from the edges of your garden. You'll use less water because you're using less space, and you don't need as much fertilizer.

    »  A cluster garden is a type of raised-bed garden. Find out how to make one

    Harvest More with Cluster Gardening

    Cluster gardening will yield more in less space per square foot than single-row gardening. That's why it's such a good method for small urban plots or anywhere that space is limited. Harvesting is easier, too, because you can pick more vegetables from a single location.