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Ryegrass Ryegrass anatomy

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Ryegrass is easy to spot in a lawn due to its shine. Also, it leaves a "whitish" cast when mowed. It is a bunchgrass, which germinates quickly and is often found in grass seed mixtures with Kentucky bluegrass. It is primarily found in cool-season areas of the north, but may not survive as far north as Minnesota, Wisconsin or Canada.

  • Width: 1/8" wide
  • Tip/blade: pointed tip
  • Color: dark green, but lighter than bluegrass, and shiny on one side of the blade
  • Feel: soft
  • Growth: grows quickly from seed; a bunch-type grass that won't fill in naturally like bluegrass
  • Additional: has visible veins on the blade; shreds when mowed with a dull blade; broad collar; sheaths below ground are reddish in color