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Supersoil® Lawn Topping Soil

Overview & Benefits

    Supersoil Lawn Topping Soil contains an ideal blend of premium ingredients to help grass grow thicker and easier. It can be used with sod, as a seed cover of when over-seeding.

Available sizes:

    2 CF
  • How to Use

    For seed cover and over-seeding: Apply seed as directed. Evenly apply 1/4 inch of Lawn Topping Soil to seeded area. Water well.

    For sod preparation: Spread 1 inch of Lawn Topping Soil over new lawn area. Using a roto-tiller or by hand, mix into approximately 3 inches of native soil. Place sod. Water well.

  • Where to Use

    When using grass seed, sod or grass plugs, use this product BEFORE seeding for thicker germination, guaranteed.

  • Coverage Area

    Seed cover & over-seeding: Covers 72 sq. ft.

    Sod preparation: Covers 18 sq. ft.

  • Benefits

    Contains sphagnum peat moss to keep more water in the root zone. Great with Sod, as a seed cover or when over-seeding. This unique formula of composted materials and sphagnum peat moss protects grass seed from drying out and contains plant food so new grass comes up fast and feels in faster. Additionally, helps sod put down deeper roots for a stronger, more vigorous lawn.

  • Fertilizer Analysis

    0.05 - 0.10 - 0.10

  • Packaging


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Product Ratings

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