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Scotts® Snap™ Weed & Feed

Overview & Benefits

    Get rid of the weeds that plague your lawn while building strong, deep roots. Snap-Pac Weed and Feed kills listed weeds including dandelions, white clover, chickweed, plantain and rag weed.
    • Kills weeds
    • Build strong, deep roots
    • Watch the demo video on how the new system works here

Available sizes:

    4,000 sq. ft.

Not available in the following areas:
State(s):  FL,  TX

  • How to Use

    For best results apply to a wet lawn - For best results wait 24 hours after using this product to water or mow - Do not apply when windy

  • When to Apply

    Apply in Spring or Fall when weeds are actively growing

  • Where Not to Use

    Do not use on St. Augustinegrass [including] floratam, dichondra, lippia, carpetgrass [or] bentgrass [lawns] or desirable clovers and ornamentals. - Do not apply near water, storm drains, or draining ditches

  • Coverage Area

    4,000 sq. ft.

  • What it Controls

    Weeds: Annual yellow sweetclover Cockle Musk thistle Spiny cocklebur Aster Cocklebur Mustard Spiny sowthistle Austrian fieldcress Common mullein Narrowleaf plantain Spotted catsear Bedstraw Creeping jenny Narrowleaf vetch Spotted spurge Beggarticks Cudweed Nettle Spurweed Betony, Florida Curly dock Orange hawkweed Stinging nettle Bindweed, field Daisy, English Oriental cocklebur Strawberry, India mock Bird vetch Daisy fleabane Oxalis Tall nettle Bitter wintercress Daisy, oxeye Parsley-piert Tall vervain Bittercress, hairy Dandelion Parsnip Tansy ragwort Bitterweed Dichondra Pearlwort Tansy mustard Black-eyed Susan Dogbane Pennycress Tanweed Black medic Dogfennel Pennywort Thistle Black mustard Dollarweed Pepperweed Trailing crownvetch Blackseed plantain Elderberry Pigweed Tumble mustard Blessed thistle False dandelion Pineywoods bedstraw Tumble pigweed Bloodflower milkweed Falseflax Plains coreopsis (tickseed) Velvetleaf Blue lettuce False sunflower Plantain Venice mallow Blue vervain Fiddleneck Poison ivy Virginia buttonweed Bracted plantain Florida pusley Poison oak Virginia creeper Brassbuttons Frenchweed Pokeweed Virginia pepperweed Bristly oxtongue Galinsoga Poorjoe Wavyleaf bullthistle Broadleaf dock Goathead Prairie sunflower Western clematis Broadleaf plantain Goldenrod Prickly lettuce Western salsify Broomweed Ground ivy Prickly sida White mustard Buckhorn Gumweed Prostrate knotweed Wild aster Buckhorn plantain Hairy fleabane Prostrate pigweed Wild buckwheat Bulbous buttercup Hawkweed Prostrate spurge Wild carrot Bull thistle Healall Prostrate vervain Wild four-o?clock Bullnettle Heartleaf drymary Puncturevine Wild garlic Burclover Heath aster Purslane, common Wild geranium Burdock Hedge bindweed Ragweed Wild lettuce Burning nettle Hedge mustard Red sorrel Wild marigold Burweed Hemp Redroot pigweed Wild mustard Buttercup Henbit Redstem filaree Wild onion Buttonweed Hoary cress Rough cinquefoil Wild parsnip Canada thistle Hoary plantain Rough fleabane Wild radish Carolina geranium Hoary vervain Russian pigweed Wild rape Carpetweed Horsenettle Russian thistle Wild strawberry Catchweed bedstraw Jimsonweed Scarlet pimpernel Wild sweet potato Catnip Knawel Scotch thistle Wild vetch Catsear Knotweed Sheep sorrel Woodsorrel Chickweed, common Kochia Shepherdspurse Woolly croton Chickweed, mouseear Lambsquarters Slender plantain Woolly morningglory Chicory Lespedeza Smallflower galinsoga Woolly plantain Cinquefoil Mallow Smooth dock Wormseed Clover, crimson Matchweed Smooth pigweed Yarrow Clover, hop Mexicanweed Sorrel Yellow rocket Clover, red Milk vetch Sowthistle Yellowflower pepperweed Clover, strawberry Morningglory Spanishneedles and other broadleaf weeds Clover, sweet Mouseear hawkweed Speedwell Clover, white Mugwort Spiny amaranth

  • Benefits

    Kills dandelions and other major listed lawn weeds. Builds strong, deep roots.

  • Fertilizer Analysis


  • Active Ingredients

    2,4-D, dimethylamine salt .723%; Mecoprop-p, dimethylamine salt .148%; Dichlorprop-P, dimethylamine salt .088%

  • Disposal Methods

    PESTICIDE STORAGE: Store in a clean, dry place for your next application. Product can be used until empty.
    PESTICIDE CONTAINER DISPOSAL: If empty: Non-refillable container. Do not reuse or refill this container. Offer for recycling if available. If partly filled: Call your local solid waste agency for disposal instructions. Never place unused product down any indoor or outdoor drain.

This is not the product label. Always read and follow the product label before use.

Material Safety Data Sheets can be found at

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