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Osmocote® Plus Multi-Purpose Plant Food

Overview & Benefits

    This is the best general-purpose formula the Osmocote® brand has ever made available for amateur use. Each granule contains 12 essential nutrients. That's everything your plant needs to thrive, and the 6-month feeding pattern is controlled by the most advanced technology in plant food.

Available sizes:

    4.5 lb. easy-to-apply shaker package
  • How to Use

    Remove seal under cap. Extend spout from cap. Hold bottle with spout forward and down. Shake bottle laterally. Apply evenly across areas to be fed.

  • When to Apply

    One application feeds all-season long (up to 6 full months)

  • Where to Use

    Works with virtually all plant varieties and in all soil conditions.

  • Where Not to Use

    No restrictions. May be applied to all plants including those in containers.

  • Coverage Area

    170 sq. ft.

  • Associated Plants

    Formulated for annuals, perennials, acid-loving plants, vegetables, trees, shrubs, and ground cover.

  • Benefits

    An all-in-one solution for the serious gardener. It's literally the formula that the pros use!

  • Fertilizer Analysis

    15-9-12 plus 9 other essential nutrients.

  • Packaging

    Applicator bottle with gardener-friendly handle.

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