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Ortho® Elementals® Home Insect Killer

Ortho Elementals Home Insect Killer

Overview & Benefits

    Safely and effectively kills insects inside your home. This specially made formula is only available from ORTHO® Elementals brand and uses 100% natural soybean oil as the active ingredient. It is also safe to use around kids and pets (when used as directed).

    • Non-staining formula is great for use in kitchens, pantries, basements and garages.
    • May leave temporary oil mark but will not stain.
    • Easy clean-up with soap and water.
    • Specially selected active ingredient: 100% natural soybean oil.

Available sizes:

    24 FL. OZ. and 32 FL. OZ.
  • How to Use

    Shake the bottle before using and once in a while during use. Spray onto insects until thoroughly covered. Spray as needed when insects are seen.

  • When to Apply

    Spray as needed when insects are seen.

  • How often to apply

    Spray as needed when insects are seen.

  • Where to Use

    Directly onto insects until thoroughly covered. Safe to spray on cabinets, drawers, closets, under sinks, walls, floor cracks, crevices, and baseboards.

  • Where Not to Use

    Do not spray near heat or open flame.

  • What it Controls

    Insects: Ants (Western Harvester and Carpenter), Carpet Beetles, Cockroaches (American), Cockroaches (German), Earwigs, House crickets, Lady beetles, Palmetto Bugs, Silverfish, Spiders (including brown recluse & black widows).

  • Benefits

    Kills bugs on contact

  • Packaging

    Ready to use

  • Active Ingredients

    Soybean Oil 7.5%
    Other Ingredients 92.5%

This is not the product label. Always read and follow the product label before use.

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