Classic® Grass Seed

A quality seed from Scotts®

Classic® Grass Seed is the quality seed line offered by Scotts®. It is held to many of the same demanding quality standards as Scotts® Turf Builder® Grass Seed. Many mixes include the best non-patented seeds as well as older Scotts® exclusive varieties.

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Fall is the best time to seed for a thicker, greener lawn next spring

Scotts® Classic® Sun & Shade Mix® (North) is a good all-purpose northern grass blend. It grows an attractive lawn in sunny and shady areas

Scotts® Classic® Sun & Shade Mix® (South) grows in both sunny and shady areas of tall fescue lawns. It is a good all-purpose mix that is great for new lawns, repair, or reseeding

Scotts® Classic® Tall Fescue Mix produces a rich, dark green color turf and grows well in both sunny and shady areas. It is both drought and disease resistant

Scotts® Classic® Landscaper's All-Purpose Mix is a quality general purpose mixture for repair and erosion control. It germinates in a week to provide quick coverage.

Scotts® Classic® Kentucky Bluegrass contains 100% Kentucky bluegrass and is best suited for sunny areas

Scotts® Classic® Bermudagrass is ideal for southern and western lawns and is best for sunny areas. The mix contains ScottKote® nutrient-coated Bermudagrass for increased performance

Scotts® Classic® Perennial Ryegrass grows well in full sun and light shade areas. It germinates quickly and is ideal for winter overseeding of Bermudagrass lawns

Scotts® Classic® Sun Mix is ideal for areas that receive full sun. It's great for new lawns, repair, and reseeding

Scotts® Classic® Shade Mix is blended to provide an attractive lawn in partially shaded areas

Scotts® Classic® Quick Fix® provides fast germination for quick results. It is ideal for temporary repair of damaged or erosion areas. Also great for winter overseeding of Bermudagrass lawns.