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Ortho® Elementals® Garden Insect Killer

Ortho® Elementals® Garden Insect Killer

Overview & Benefits

    Kills listed bugs on contact with this patented formula containing botanical insecticides that may be used up to and including the day of harvest.

  • Can use on flowers, fruits, vegetables, and roses.
  • Kills mites, whiteflies, aphids, and all accessible stages of insects and eggs.
  • Fast acting
  • Specially selected active ingredients: pyrethrins and canola oil botanical insecticides

Available sizes:

    24 FL. OZ.
  • How to Use

    Shake well before each use. Thoroughly wet all parts of the plants. Do not wet plants to the point of runoff or drip.

  • When to Apply

    Use when temperature is below 90 degrees.

  • How often to apply

    1-2 weeks if needed.

  • Where to Use

    Thoroughly wet all parts of the plants. May be used on edible crops up to and including day of harvest. For use outdoors on fruit and nut trees (apples, cherries, peaches, pears, nuts), flowering, foliage plants, corn, melons, tomatoes, vegetables (beans, cabbage, cucurbits, peas, potatoes), figs, small fruits (grapes, strawberry, raspberry), citrus, ornamental and shade trees (birch, evergreens, holly, oak). Dormant use: Kills exposed egg stages of pests present in dormant season and scale insects, mites and mealybugs on dormant shrubs (roses), evergreens, fruit trees, and shade trees.

  • Coverage Area

    Do not apply more than 20 fl. oz. per 100 square feet per application.

  • Special Instructions

    Do not apply wet plants to a point of runoff or drip. Do not allow adults, children or pets to enter the treated area until sprays have dried. Do not apply this product in a way that will contact adults, children, or pets either directly or through drift. Remove pets, birds, and cover fish aquariums before spraying. Do not apply within 21 days of a sulfur application. Do not use when temperatures are above 90°F. Do not apply more than 10 times per season. Do not reapply within 3 days except under extreme pest pressure. Do not apply more than 1 time a day. In case of extreme pest pressure do not reapply within 24 hours. Do not apply directly to or near water, storm drains, or drainage ditches. Do not apply when windy. To prevent product run-off do not overwater treated areas or apply prior to heavy rainfall.

  • What it Controls

    Insects: Exposed Aphids, Colorado potato beetle, Flea beetle, Japanese beetle, Asparagus beetle, Gypsy moth caterpillars, Tent caterpillar, Diamondback moth larvae, Leaf rollers, Ants (Except fire ants, Harvester Ants, Carpenter Ants, and Pharaoh Ants), Mealybugs, Mites, Leafhoppers, Scale, Thrips, Fungus gnats, Whitefly, Adelgids, plant bugs, sawfly larvae, Psyllids, Spittlebugs, and Phylloxera

  • Benefits

    Kills mites, whiteflies, aphids, and all accessible stages of listed insects & eggs. Contains botanical insecticides and can be used up to and including the day of harvest.

  • Packaging

    Ready to use

  • Active Ingredients

    Pyrethrins 0.01%
    Canola Oil 1.00%
    Other Ingredients 98.99%

This is not the product label. Always read and follow the product label before use.

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