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Soils give you the foundation for fast growth, healthy root systems and thriving plants. The best lawns and gardens start with the best soils. Scotts offers a variety of soils, including: Garden Soil, Landscape Soil Amendments, Landscape Soils and Soil Conditioners, and Potting Soil and Amendments.

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Scotts® Turf Builder® Lawn Soil

Specially designed to promote grass seed germination, the first step in seeding success.

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Scotts® Premium Topsoil

Consistent texture, with no rocks or sticks. Premium blend of organic materials plus peat moss. Good all purpose soil for planting, seeding, filling and leveling.

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Scotts® Premium Humus and Manure

Three times the feeding of ordinary Humus & Manure.

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Scotts® Garden Soil

Ideal for planting flowers and vegetables in the ground. Rich, organic materials condition soil to build strong root system. Contains plant food.

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Scotts® Moisture Advantage™ Potting Soil

Contains Super absorbent granules that release water to the roots as the soil dries out. Continuous feeding for up to 4 full months.

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Scotts® Premium Potting Soil

Excellent potting soil for container plants.

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