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Outdoor Insect Control

Ortho® Elementals™ offers several outdoor products to help defend your outdoor space. Whether you are dealing with specific or multiple pests, Ortho® Elementals™ offers another choice in your battle with insects, slugs, and snails outdoors.

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Ortho Elementals Insecticidal Soap

Ortho® Elementals® Insecticidal Soap

Kills many indoor and outdoor insects fast. This formula may be used up to the day of harvest, does not persist in the environment, and can be used for organic gardening.

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Ortho® Elementals® Garden Insect Killer

Ortho® Elementals® Garden Insect Killer

Kills listed bugs on contact with its patented formula containing botanical insecticides that can be used up to and including the day of harvest.

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Ortho Elementals Snail & Slug Killer

Ortho® Elementals® Slug and Snail Killer

This formula, which can be used around pets and wildlife (when used as directed), is effective against a wide variety of slugs and snails and is for organic gardening. The active ingredient, iron phosphate, occurs naturally in soil.

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